For Elsa, the villain, the character is gay: Trivia from Frozen


The Globe displays the State of A Adventure in Freezing cold in the Cinema, Special for this Wednesday (the 29th), at the (eastern time). In the movie, it’s one of the great recent successes of the park. Winner of two academy awards for the animation, it took more than 4 million viewers to the movie theaters in brazil. The story of the sisters Elsa and Anna, captivated the audience, but did you know that the queen would have been the villain of the story?

Launched in 2013, the film shows the relationship between the two princesses of Arendelle. Elsa was born with the power to create ice, which served as a source of entertainment to his sister. However, an accident during a play he put on the life-of-Anna-at-risk. This meant that the parents remain distant, and her older daughter began to be afraid of her powers.

The two grew isolated on family castle, which has been completely closed off after the accident. Alone, they have had to deal with the pain of the loss of their parents in a ship wreck.

Everything changes when a new accident, with the help of Elsa, it happens on the very day of her coronation as queen. For the character, so he decides to leave forever, leaving it all behind, and resulting in the freezing up of the kingdom.

But She experiences a lot of adventures to find his sister and get her to bring summer back to Arendelle. The animation has won the category for best animated film and best original song for “Let It Go” (Livre I (in Portuguese) at the Oscars in 2014.

Check out the seven fun facts from the State – An Adventure in the Freezing:

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Elsa during the song for Free I’m into music and was responsible for the change in direction of the character

Queen of the wicked

I think the creators of Frozen was that Elsa was, in fact, the major villain of the story. Hard to imagine, right? The tone of the character completely changed after the producers heard “Let It Go”, a music-master to the queen. They have realized that the song pointed out the positives too, to a different location, as well as being very attractive.

For this reason, the script for the animation was completely re-written so that the protagonist to be a young, innocent person who is in a panic not being able to control your powers.” Another curious fact is that, prior to this change, the look of She had been inspired by Amy Winehouse (1983-2011).

Voice acting

Bruklin Menzel did audition for the role, the character of Rapunzel in Tangled (2010), but was not chosen for the job. Two years later, during the selection of the candidates for the State, a director from the auditions for Disney if you thought of the show. So it was that, Bruklin turned out to be the one responsible for the voice of Elsa. Lucky for the audience, isn’t he?

In addition to this, the producers have made it to the dubladoras in the original version, Bruklin Menzel and Kristen Bell (Anna), were able to read their scenes together, so that they had more chemistry, something that was very rare in animation.

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel, characters from Tangled (2010), to appear in the coronation of Elsa

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Visits of eminent

Disney movies are well-known for its easter eggs, which are objects or characters hidden within the animation that are reminiscent of other films by the same production company. It is clear that the State would not be without one of these “pranks”. On the day of the coronation of Elsa, and when the gate opened, and Anna sings ” For Once in Eternity, it is possible to see that there are two distinguished guests.

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, stars of Tangled (2010), to appear in the back to the front of the castle, very, very quickly. This scene is even generated a theory from the fans and from the movie, which is to say that the marriage of the parents of Elsa and Anna were going to be, when it disappeared into the sea, and it happened to be the one of Rapunzel and Flynn.

The palace labor-intensive

One of the highlights of the moment when Elsa sings “Let It Go” is the construction of a huge palace made of ice, which is impressive, until I. Impressive also was the number of staff involved in order to get to the scene in the 50’s all the animators different, they have worked on the design of the castle, which was inspired by the Hotel De Glace is a hotel with all of the ice is located in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Prince Hans and princess Anna, they talk to you before the performance, I See the Door Open

Duo is unheard of

Without knowing what She has accomplished an unprecedented achievement in animation for the Disney ” Frozen – An Adventure on the Freezing. Falling in love with the princess and she sings, I See A Door Open up, along with prince Hans, who she had just met. This is the first time that a Disney princess has done a duet with a villain. Though She warned her sister…

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Most realistic

On the side of Olaf, Sven, is one of the characters in the most iconic from the film. It’s the friend I was to be more difficult than you might think. The animators of Frozen had to bring in a reindeer to the studio. In this way, they were able to take a better look, the moves and the mannerism of the beast, for the creation of Sven.

A detail in a scene that fans of the animation, is a reason to believe that Oaken is gay

The seller is gay?

The public is more aware of the details, he realized an interesting fact. Oaken, the owner of the variety store, is supposed to be a gay man. In the scene where Anna and Kristoff are in place, the seller says that his family is in the sauna. Soon after, we see an older man with four young children all around the environment.

It was enough to make fans of the animated animassem, with the possibility of a character that is gay in the State. When walt Disney was asked if he had a same-sex partner, the company responded that “he knew what he was doing.”

Had it in the post

Here’s the trailer for the Darkness – An Adventure to the Chilling, to the attraction of the Cinema, Particularly as of this Wednesday (the 29th):