Gal Gadot asks for silence in order to fight the crime in the picture of the Woman, the Wonder-1984 the

The Fandango has released a photo of never-before-seen Wonder Woman 1984, in the DC. The image is a part of a particular material on the website for all the major releases for the year 2020.

In the photo, it was kind of humorous. The heroine, Diana, played by Gal Gadot, takes a potential criminal.

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When you look at the camera, Wonder Woman, with a smile, asked quietly. Check it out below.

The story of the Woman, the Wonder in 1984 and has not yet been fully revealed. But, DC has made it clear that Diana will be in a new decade of dealing with characters like Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) and the Woman-the snow Leopard (Kristen Wiig).

In addition to this, there is the mystery about the return of Steve Trevor (and Chris Pine), who had died in the first movie for the heroine. The direction of the film is Patty Jenkins.

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Wonder woman and the 1984 has a release date for the 5th of June, in the year 2020.