“Game of Thrones”: Emilia Clark is worried that Her hate for the sake of the end of the series.


Emilia Clarke not if we disguise it, that is a part of the billions of people who are a fan of the Her. And it’s not that she has had the opportunity to meet her idol?! As it is, but what it was supposed to be an amazing time, it has become a cause for concern for the actress from “Game of Thrones”, judging from what she could only worry about the opinion of a muse upon his character, However,and any change in behavior in the last few episodes. Nice!

In an interview with the magazine The New Yorkerthe artist says that he met with the Queen Bey at the after the party in the same place. “I’ve got this vision, this angel, this amazing woman came up to me…. I don’t think I’d manage. And to Her I say, ‘Oh, My God…. It is wonderful to get to know you. I think you’re brilliant’. I just couldn’t cope! I was almost in tears. I could see myself being reflected in her eyes,” he said. So IMAGINE this time!

In addition, Regardless of the speech that made him worried: “All I wanted to do was cry,” please, please, please, please still like me even though my character is turning into a dictator’s genocidal! Please, continue to think that I’m representing women in a way that is really amazing. The person that I most admire was talking about how he likes me, and I knew that at the end of the season, she’s going to hate me,” he lamented. Go on, Emilia and, sure enough, she was enchanted by you, even with all the bad things that Her kitted out in the same way for all of us! <3