‘Game of Thrones’: In the second part of the plays ‘Game of Phones’, Maisie Williams gives a response to fierce fan who didn’t like the fate of her character, Arya Stark, to watch the video.


Do you have questions about the eighth season of “Game of Thrones”? Don’t panic… switch to the ‘Game of Phones’! How to we have herethe program, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” launched into the joke — a customer service center to answer questions from the series. Responsible for attending to the connections of the actors in the series, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Lena Headey,… and we’re loving the game!

Yesterday (30 of them), the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” aired the second part of the skit that came with the pearls are so hilarious when it’s down! To begin with, I Read Cunningham, the Davos of the series, he was asked about how Kit Harington (Jon Snow) it smells like. “A blend of yogurt, the old and the deodorant and the body, it is very distracting assignment!”, said the actor, lol! As for Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister), someone to call just to say the famous mantra that her character has had to face in the series: “Shame, shame, shame.” A turned the eyes, “wonderful,” she replied sarcastically that the challenge was a lot of “original”.

Another star who was available to answer any of the questions — most important — the fans-was the Isaac H. Wright. “Can you tell me where I left my keys?”asked a woman on the other end of the line, taking advantage of what he was talking about the artist in German:. “In between the cushions of your couch. You want to know how you’re going to die?”, he responded back with a smile that’s more frightening than the look of his character in the series. The woman said no. “Mad cow disease!”he revealed to me, before hanging up the phone.

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John Bradley, the ” Return, got someone who called the wrong number: I didn’t care for the “Game of Thrones”, but of “the Lord of the Rings”. The magic sent this to a fan of lost, you call the other service center, the “Lord of the Ringtones. However, the better question is was it for Maisie Williams, whose character, Arya Stark, [SPOILER] he killed the king, the King of the Night, in the last episode. “Do you want me to believe that a girl of 45 and defeated the leader of the Army of the Dead?”, he asked in a boring from the other end of the line. The response was extremely She: “Now listen here, your a dipshit, I know where you live. And I’ll be happy to add you in my list he replied, and then add, “with Todd under the name for Him, lol!

In the end, Sophie Turner, responded to a fan about how all the books in the saga are different from those of the films: “The books are full of words that you read… and the series, to me, is to be paid for, piece of s**it!”. And Iwan Rheon, who played the psychopathic blood-thirsty Ramsay in a few seasons of the series, it left a final warning: the first few links in the “Game of Phones” will get you a snow globe with the penis of Theon Greyjoy! Absolutely free of charge! Who is going to miss out on such a chance? Lol check out the video below: