Justin Bieber is diagnosed with a rare disease transmitted by a tick


The condition is transmitted by ticks and causes mainly pain and swelling in the joints.

Recently, the canadian singer Justin Bieber has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, a rare condition, are infectious and have spread awarded by the tick Ixodes ricinus. The condition causes symptoms in various parts of the body such as the skin, eyes, and even the central nervous system, but the most frequent are at the joints. In these regions, it is common that the patient will suffer from severe swelling, and arthritis may become chronic, and in the extreme cases of the disease. The joint most affected by this condition, it is in the back.

“As long as
lots of people are saying that Justin Bieber wore, methamphetamine, etc., they don’t
they noticed that I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease,” he says of the
the caption of the photo of the singer on Instagram.

The artist did a rant on Instagram after the media disseminate incorrect information about his / her health status, and lifestyle.