Kanye West turns into the Silver Surfer of Jesus for his new opera house


Kanye West-the silver surfer
A photo on Twitter
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We have given up to understand what is going on in the head of the Kanye Westthis is the truth….

The music you are investing in an area, the gospel of his career, he appeared — out of nothing — making a cosplay of the Silver Surfer. It would be in the mood for the CCXP? This is because, for some reason, he made it to his new house.

West has appeared in this form, as well as the whole of the choir, for the performance of Marylast Sunday (8th) in Miami, fl. The opera tells the story of Christmas, and it was with a song from their new album Jesus Is The King.

This is the second song from Kanye west. In November of this year, the the song debuted with Nebuchadnezzar, who did not have good reviews.


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