Karen Gillan shows off her ‘handmade’ April O ‘ Neil


The actress, Karen Gillan, glenn hughes, is on the press tour for Jumanji: the Next Stage, and the actress has teased the unveiling of her look for the day by saying that it is a cosplay of April O ‘ Neil, the journalist and The Ninja Turtles. Check it out:

In Jumanji: the Next Stage, the crowd is back in it, but the game has changed. When they return to Jumanji, to rescue them, they soon discover that nothing is as they expect. The players are going to have to face the parts unknown and unexplored, from the arid deserts to the snow-capped mountains to get away from the game, the most dangerous in the world.

Jumanji: The Next Phase it is driven by the Jake Kasdanwith the returns of the Dwayne Johnson (Hobbs and Shaw’s), Black (School of Rock), Kevin Hart (An egg and a Half), Karen Gillian (Upcoming Deadline), and Nick Jonas (Aircraft movements) at any time.

The launch is scheduled for the 16th of January, in the year 2020.