Katy Perry is nominated as ambassador for the charity and prince Charles and More

Katy Perry, along with prince Charles and his wife Camilla, and an entrepreneur of indian Natasha Poonawalla

Katy Perry, along with prince Charles and his wife Camilla, and an entrepreneur of indian Natasha Poonawalla Photograph: Kirsty Wigglesworth / AP Photo

The prince Charles announced on Tuesday, the 5th, the pop singer’s north american Katy Perry it will be the us ambassador the British Asian Trust, to assist in the the fight against the the trafficking of children in the south Asia.

Katy Perry, the 35-year-old is a goodwill ambassador for the Unicefbackground to the infancy of the Organization of the United Nations (UN), met with the heir to the british throne, in a meeting of the supporters and trustees of the Trust, in Mumbai, india, in November, 2019 at the latest, during a visit to India.

“I was very impressed with the strong background of them – from local initiatives to raise funds – with the goal of reducing by one-half of the human trafficking of children,” said Perry in a press release. “It is for this reason that I am particularly honored to be appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the Fund for the Protection of Children, by helping to shine a light on the work of the British Asian Trust to do in southeast Asia and to be a part of the search for solutions to the trafficking of children.”

The appointment of a Perry, it was announced at the dinner, the actual annual income from the Trust at the Banqueting House in London, which focused on the measures and action plans to combat trafficking in children and to combat child labour. The event was also attended by the ministers and philanthropists in the uk.

When you enter with prince Charles during the ceremony, the singer went on to say that the stone for the plant of a member of royalty. “In my personal experience with it [Charles] it has a soul which is an incredibly gentle, so kind, that, yes, sometimes it’s talking to the plants that you have. And he asked me if I would sing for them, and I will, in the future,” said Katy.

The institute, which was founded by the crown prince and senior business leaders that british asians, in 2007, to fight poverty, inequality, and injustice in south Asia reported that an estimated 5.8 million children are in forced labour in India, and many are working 15-hour-per-day.