Maisie Williams, she thought that the scene with Arya was a trick question


Attention! The article below contains spoilers for the second episode of the eighth season of ” Game of Thrones.

In the second episode of the final season of Game of Thrones featured a few memorable moments, but many were surprised to see this the scene between Arya Stark and Gendry. You watched, you know what I’m talking about. Many fans were surprised to see the blood on Arya’s loose hair (literally), and have an intimate moment with his old friend. It turns out that the actress is Maisie Williams was just as surprised as the audience by this stage.

In an interview with the Entertainment Weekly^ A b ” revealed that Sophie Turner was the first to warn you about the sex scene between Arya and Gendry in the episode. “Sophie, he said, ‘no matter what you Do, you will have to jump over this episode and this scene is the first. So, I’ve read it and it was pretty much all I know about the whole of the season so far.”

Williams admitted that, in fact, she thought it was just a trick of the showrunners, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss (who, it seems, is a habit). “I read the script, I got this scene and I thought to myself, ‘Oh, we are really going to do it. And when I do I put it? Do I need to go to the gym’.”

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Even though nudity is not commonplace in Game of Thrones, the scene of “spice” to Williams, it’s something that’s unusual, considering that she was only 11 years old when she joined the cast. She was 11 years old in the first season, the series is intended to keep track of the age of the character for the first season. So She has between 18 and 19 years old right now, while Williams has 22 of them in real life.

Williams has told Benioff and Weiss, who have allowed it to determine just how explicit the scene would have been-and, apparently, she refused to use a stunt double for the body. “David and Dan were like, ‘can You show me how much you want it,'” said Williams. “Well, then, I’ve kept very private. I do not believe that it is important for Arya’s show. It’s not about that. And everyone else in the series, you already did it, so…”

In spite of the scene that would cause a certain awkwardness to the squad and the team, Williams is on the grounds that it represents an important milestone for She, though the character is still able to join them. “It’s something that she’s kept her distance, one emotion we’ve ever seen her experience. David and Dan thought, ” It’s the end of the world, what else are you going to do?’. This can be a time when She accepts the death of tomorrow, something she never does. It was a moment where she reflected: ‘Probably, we will die tomorrow, I want to know what is the feeling just before it happens’. It’s interesting to see She’s more human, by speaking often about the issues that people are afraid.”

The remaining four episodes up to the end-of-Game-of-Thrones-all of them more than one hour in duration. The chapters will be displayed on the next Sunday, at 22h (Brasília time).

*Translation: Victor Aliaga

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