Marvel prepares for the replacement of the Tom Holland-and-Brie Larson


Kevin Feige presented a plan for the future of the Universe, a Cinematic Marvel in the last San Diego Comic-Con is still very much contained, and without revealing the details, in relation to the narrative overall, which is like the last one decade has taught us, it’s part of the DNA of Marvel Studios.

Robert Downey Jr. and of course Chris Evans was out of the picture, and Chris Hemsworth are about to go to the folder with the Natalie Portman, it is expected that characters such as Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, or Spider-Man will have a greater emphasis on the problems that lie ahead. And after the end of that time, their replacement will also have to be prepared for it.

The information that is known to the insider, Daniel Richtman, who praised the progress made by the UCM in the direction of more diversity, something that had been promised by their own Kevin Feige. Daniel speaks specifically about Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man. The contract, with Brie Larson, who she suspects to be among the best paid in the whole, it is not going to last forever, and as for Peter, his use of it is permanently attached by a cord, as to the rights of the kinematic of the character, they belong to Sony Pictures.

“I have a passion for which the UCM is addressed in terms of diversity. All of them Like they were white, and 6, but in the future, we are going to have a spider-man-man Sam Spider-Man (Miles), and Captain Marvel (Monica). Asian representatives, and with Shang-Chi, and Sersi, and the muslim with the Ms. Marvel Series.”

“He has replaced Steve Davis is going to replace Peter in the future, and Monica is going to replace it (Carol Danvers).”

In addition to the problem is global, the other thing is that the Universe is a Cinematic Marvel like to ensure that is to introduce new ideas, principles, and even genres of cinematic.

They will start this year for the embrace of a final judgment on the element of the cosmic with the release of the Marvel”s The Eternals, and the future, seem to be keen to enter a team of super-heroes and is truly representative of the entire human race, that we hope to defend the planet Earth, in comparison to the size of the one we see in the Upcoming Endgame.

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