Natalie Portman up against in Hollywood: “I have Lived in an atmosphere of sexual terror, with 13 years ‘ International


Actress Natalie Portman attends the march of the women in the Los Angeles area.
Actress Natalie Portman attends the march of the women in the Los Angeles area.Emma McIntyre / AFP

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Natalie Portman is one of the faces that are visible in the platform against the sexual harassment and discrimination on the basis Time’s Up. This past week, she has expressed before She is Often on the order “Goes, I believe in you”, which other artists now sing. It is also the architect of the “And then there are all of the males indicated” that it was announced, and viralizou — at the Golden Globe awards when presenting the best director award.

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Speaking at the #womensmarch in Los Angeles, california, Natalie Portman detailed, the environment of sexual terrorism” that she endured in her youth that impact the trajectory of her career. @nportmanofficial, one-of-the-actors-behind-the – #TimesUp initiative is combatting sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood and other industries, said she experienced sexual harassment, at the age of 13 when her first film, 1994’s Léon: The Professional came out. In Her first-ever piece of fan mail, she said, was a rape fantasy written by a man. Her local radio show and created a countdown to her 18th birthday, “euphemistically,” she told the crowd of 500,000 people, “the date that I would be cool to sleep with you.” And movie reviewers would mention her “budding breasts” in the reviews. Portman said that she rejected roles with the “kissing scene” and developed a reputation as “prudish, conservative, nerdy, serious, in an attempt to feel like my body was safe, and my voice would be listened to.” Video source: CNN

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The actress also took to the stage in the March of Women was held in Los Angeles on Saturday, with performers such as Viola Davis, and Eva Longoria. In front of a crowd of people, decided to share their traumatic experiences in the film industry, especially in the beginning, when you did The Professional at 12 years old, and he had a “sexual terror” at the age of 13, shortly after the first.

The winner of the academy awards, Portman appeared on the reverse side of the white democrat Kamala Harris. And he told me that, when the film opened, it finally was able to open the first letter from a fan: “the fantasy of rape”, written by a man. “On a local radio station, they did a countdown for my 18th.the the birthday party. Euphemistically, it was the date on which, for example, could have sex with me because it would have been nice. The critics were talking about my breasts in their infancy in his review. I realized very quickly, even though it was a 13 year-old girl, who, if I were to express sexual, and I feel so insecure and men feel the right to discuss and coisificar in my body, in spite of the great discomfort that this would cause.” The actress said in a speech that has come to modify his or her behavior, he refused to play roles that should be taken like that, he emphasized to his side, “the intellectual and ‘serious’. He alleged that he had to build up a reputation that is based on a moral, “quiet, conservative, nerd day,” to be able to feel it in your body, you were saved”, and that of their peers in the “escutariam”.

“At the age of 13, the message of our culture, it was clear to me that I felt the need to cover up my body, and I suppress my emotions, and it is my job to send my own message to the world that he was someone that deserved respect, and safety. The answer to that would be of little comments about my body, even phrases, so much more threatening; they have to keep track of my behavior in an environment of sexual terror,” he said.

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