On the play, Kris Jenner reveals her daughter’s and granddaughter’s favorite, and it opens up the game to output to Kourtney from the reality of the family, “and She saw the light on”; watch it!


Think of a family, which is an open book! In the pass-through of the program of Ellen DeGeneres, Kris Jenner, has revealed who is his grand-daughter and her daughter’s favorite. It will be what is going to happen there’s no such thing with the children, after these statements? The “momager” also has explained that Kourtney has returned to the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” after threatening to get out of it once and for all, of the software.

In a game of fill in the blank questions, revealing Kris had to respond to statements such as: “is My daughter’s favorite is ____”, “I care about ___, [essa pessoa] I never answer”, “I wish Kim would stop posting pictures of ___”, “Today is my grandson’s favorite is _ _ _ ” and so on.

The matriarch of the family, and then told me that her favorite daughter, on that day, it was Khloe, that his next grandchild will probably come from the Kourtney, Kylie or Kendall, which is her clever he was to Kim, and her granddaughter’s favorite of the day was a Dream. Kris has made it clear that his “favorite” was the only favorite of the day”, it is not necessarily all of the time! Diplomatic, isn’t he? Lol, Watch it below:

In addition to the laid-back time Kris spoke up on the reality of the family and explained to them that the much-commented departure from Kourtney’s always been something temporary. “I think she just needed a break. You know when we’ve reached our limit? She slammed into the wall, and she was getting frustrated, and I felt a little recovered, she felt that the sisters did not yet understand its limits. Then, after a while, she saw the light,” he said. “For the money” because of Ellen, causing the audience to laugh.

About the physical altercation by Kim and Kourtney in the new reality, the manager was very pissed off. “In fact, I wasn’t there when they were discussing it, and I didn’t see the two quarrel in this way, as long as they were in high school”, he said. The “momager” reminded us of a feud between Kim and her sisters on the first season of “KUWTK,” where’s the owner of the KKW and Beauty hit you in the head from Khloe, with a scholarship, because her little sister was having a go at your car-the Bentley. “It reminded Me of that and made me feel very sad. I was like, ‘You can’t fight with one another, that’s just ridiculous. To grow up”, he said.

Watch the interview below: