Pirates of the Caribbean, has taken a decision met with derision, for the sake of his Wife


Pirates of the Caribbean did it in the name of his Wife to become the strongest in the world. Of the franchise, the actor has lived up to the pirate Jack Sparrow.

However, the paper is marked by the star of Disney has been somewhat of a curiosity. For many, it is a decision up to the ridiculous taken to excess.

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The hat on the Jack Sparrow’s of the eraser. It’s a material that’s a little different in order to manufacture an item like this.

By Proper Culture, is, however, a costume designer Penny Rose, he explained the reason for such a decision. At this point, his Wife is to blame.

“This is the eraser, because he was playing in the water. And then, after that, we lost about 10, I was exhausted, and I had the rubber. But, it seems to be equal to each other in all ways,” said the trader.

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The first models were made out of leather, that is easy to miss in the sea. The model of rubber, however, it was more easy to be found by the team from the Pirates of the Caribbean.

There’s a big controversy involving Johnny Depp and the Pirates of the Caribbean. The information are that Disney plans to make a sixth film in the franchise.

However, initially, Disney would have dropped Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. The reason would be the charges for the Amber Heard for the actor to have committed domestic violence during their marriage, which lasted until the end of 2016.

Thus, it is not clear if Disney would do a reboot of the Pirates of the Caribbean, or whether it would continue with the franchise, focusing on the Will of the character, with Orlando Bloom. He starred in the first three films side by side with Jack Sparrow.

The other point is that the new allegations show that Amber Heard hit by Johnny Depp. With that, Disney also could have go back on that decision for her.

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At this time, the actor and the studio did not speak.

Pirates of the Caribbean-6 and does not yet have a premiere date.