But Thunberg says, that the indigenous people have been murdered for trying to protect the forest Policy


The young activist, the Swedish Greta Thunberg, one of the leading names in the fight against the effects of climate change, it said on Sunday, the 8th, that of the indigenous peoples in Brazil are being murdered for protecting forests. The statement comes a day after the an attack by gunmen has left two deaths and two injured people in the state of Maranhão.

“The indigenous people are being literally murdered for trying to protect their forests from clear-cutting. Over and over again. It is a shame that the world has to remain silent about it,” he wrote But, you have shared a piece of news from Al-Jazeera’s reporting on the assassination attempt.

In the early afternoon of Saturday, two of the indians of the ethnic group, the guajajara people had died after the assassination attempt, the bullet to the edge of highway BR-226, in the city of Jenipapo dos Vieiras, Maranhão, more than 500 kilometers to the south of the capital, São Luís. In accordance with the The National foundation of the Indian (Funai), the indigenous people were hit by bullets fired by the occupants of the vehicle. Before that, on November 1, Paul Said, the Guajajara people were killed in an ambush in the Land of the Indigenous Arariboia (S), when performed in a round against the invaders.

But Thunberg began in August 2018, a move that went on to inspire young people around the world, when he began skipping school on a Friday, and the Fridays are the Futureto request the most effective of the Swedish government to combat climate change.

In September, on the eve of the The General assembly of the United Nationsthe strike of the climate, has attracted 4 million people in more than 100 countries. In New York city, under the direction of the Rift, there were about 250 thousand people. It was also at the UN, which the young man delivered his speech, more overwhelming, until now, when he said that people don’t perdoariam of the world’s leaders, if they fail this generation.


The ex-the minister of the Environment Marina Silva. he said that the “bath of blood” required a strong response and urgent need of the brazilian authorities. “The murder of the two indigenous Guajajara, there can be consequences. It is necessary to contain the barbarism, and to reach out to those responsible for these criminal acts. My solidarity with the people of the Guajajara people,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

On Saturday, the leader of the indian Sônia Guajajara, he said that it is time to put a stop on death. “I’m concerned about the outburst of violence and intolerance in the region. All three of these murders in 35 days in the states of Maranhão, may not be considered a crime in isolation. These are articulated in, and supported by such a wave of hate speech is in progress in Brazil,” he said to the The state.

A member of the federal Joênia Groups Intersect Network (RR), the leader of the Parliamentary Front for the Mixed-in Defense of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, said the situation is urgent, and called for the increase in violence in the area. “The violence is increasing is because there is no punishment,” he said.

It has been argued that the Federal Police and the National Force to act in the interim to ensure the safety and security of the region, but called for a practice of continuous and ongoing, with enhanced oversight. “It is essential if we are to build a basis for protection from violence against women of the month”.