Chris Hemsworth can imagine the family in the films of Marvel and see the result


Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth as Captain America and Thor in the Avengers (Picture: Handout)

The officer responsible for playing the character of Thor in the movies Marvel comicsthe actor Chris Hemsworth got in a game recently. It has been shown in one panel of the Midwest, ABC’s Comic-Con, and it was a challenge and imagine how it would feel if her brothers were also present in the Universe and in the Marvel universe. During the conversation, he told the story of how Liam and Luke Hemsowrth, would be, that is to say, which of the roles they might play a role.

“I could turn the clone into the Incredible Hulk. He’s got big arms, some of the body. I read it could be… I could turn him in to Captain Australia, maybe? Does it? I don’t know if I love my brothers, but I do love him in our squad as well. The hawk used to be?”bush said she’s the star that gives life to the character of Thor, from the Marvel Comics, in the latest movie produced by the company. As it would be in the MCU, with all of the brothers Hemsworth together?

During the conversation, in the same panel, he also stated if you believe in a bet for the other direction of the film, such as the steering wheel. “I would love to direct at some point. Do I need to just find something I can devote myself for a very long time”said the actor, noting also is the difference, and the need for investment at the time of the work of the actor and the director.


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“As an actor, you get involved in something for three or four months, and it’s just so intense. And then you’re off to something new. As a director, you can be on a project-by-year, with a minimum of two to two and a half years”completed Hemsworth, who also found a problem, it could mess up in the role of managing director.

According to him, one of his characteristics is to end up quickly losing interest in things, and get distracted very easily. This could have an impact on the production, if it were to assume the role of a director, and I had to study for a year at a job.