Concept art of Iron Man 2 and showing the armature-unreleased

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Iron man 2 it continued the adventures of the Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr..) in the film, at a time when the universe of film from the Marvel comics, also took the first steps, and she was beginning to grow. In the film, the hero is faced with new villains, and he wore new armor, but not all of them came out of the stage of development of the film, it is never going to stop it on the screen.

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In a new post on your Instagramperhaps to help celebrate 10 years of the release of the film, concept artist Ryan Meinerding, it has worked in a number of films in the Marvel Studiosshowed one of these armors that are refused, and that now you have finally seen the light of day.

In a post on the artist, we see the first version of the armor, “case”, one that Tony Stark wears in the scene in which the protagonist The Whip Is Black (Mickey Rourkeattacks on the site. It does not appear in the film, but its visual power has been re-used in one of the armor seen in the house of the hero in the next film “Iron man 3.

You can check out gear on the armature that is unprecedented here at the bottom: