Demi Lovato reveals why it is no longer a friend to any of her ex-boyfriends: “If you are an ex, it’s for a reason.”


Demi Lovato she spoke about her ex-boyfriends in an interview with a podcast “I Of Wight” the Jameela Jamil.

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The singer has told that is not the most friendly of any of its ex.

“I used to have this mindset that, if I had a negative experience with someone, you always want to fix it, or you want to patch things up. The fact is, I’m not really a friend to any of my ex-boyfriends, but now I realize that it wasn’t healthy,”

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Demi, still she continued talking about how she learned to eliminate those people toxic substances from your life.

“Now that I was able to leave it completely to the side of the people, you know, that’s another thing I’ve had to learn when it comes to eliminating people toxic in your life – whether they’re ex’s for a reason.”

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