Henry Cavill reveals the secret behind the performance in The Witcher


The Witcher
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One of the highlights of the activities of the Henry Cavill in The Witcher it’s certainly not the accent. Anyone who has ever watched the first season of the series, which is available on the streaming platform Netflix, and saw that the accent is very remarkable, in the performance of the character. And, in an interview with the website of entertainment news CinemaBlend, the actor has shared the secret behind this the detail of your work.

“You look at England, for example, and there are a wide variety of regional accents in a very, very small. And, in fact, on the continent, it would be something very similarsaid the actor about the accent, which is different from the speech of the other characters. In addition to this, the character is also very much a stranger in the place you’re in, and that would also be useful to explain the accent.

Then, Cavill also, he pointed out, saying that it would not be just to create an accent that is different “So, for me, it wasn’t necessarily to give Geralt an accent that is different from all the others, it is because of this that it would be impossible, as there are many accents in English, and eventually you’ll find someone else who has an accent that is similar to it, because it’s trying something different”..


The Witcher

“So, for me, it was a matter of bringing a voice for Geralt, and that she was expressing the essence of who he is in the books, and then bringing it to the space in the format is permitted within the programme”, this year there will be the a-list actor, who recently in an interview with the online news site for the entertainment of The Wrap, which is said to have a recognized accent a special part for Geralt-of-Rivia, his character, and the same on the books of the franchise, The Witcher.

“When it comes to mythology, there are a lot of changes from the book. And there’s a lot that can be done about it. And that, to me, as a performer on the program, it was my job to bring my ability to play, and all of the others were able to bring out their performances separately. Yes, it is in the books, it is certainly an accent that is Riviano”said the actor in conversation with The Wrap.