Kim Kardashian shows off her daughter’s room, North for the first time, and shows amazing detail about the swimming pool of his parents ‘ house, come see!!!

It was a house, very nice, even had a ceiling, but with very little to no furniture… Lol This is the second fair (3), Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have opened the door to his parents ‘ house, they always put us in the minds of the people, for the magazine Architectural Digest. In the publication, the couple and showed details never seen before as the whole room is pink’s daughter, North West. In addition, to explain the true operation of the swimming pool, the manager has revealed that it has never used the space for entertaining!

Quoted by the magazine as “a masterpiece of minimalist, in Los Angeles, in the home, it is as well a conceptual level, almost all in the colors of grey, brown and white, and only a few objects of decoration and pieces of furniture. But it’s a place to go in the opposite direction that the room is in the North! Kim and Kanye west sent her to construct an environment that all of the pink, from the roof to the ground, with a theme of ‘butterflies’. Fit for a princess!

However, what surprised him was the set of questions and the answers given by the couple on the mansion of$ 60 million, and about$ 254 million. “When was the last time you used the pool?”asks him to his wife. I’ve never used the pool, the”truth”to answer the daughter of Kris Jenner, no way. “Yeah, can you believe it? But I do love our poolhe added , seeing the expression on her husband’s.

Kim then explains a peculiarity of the construction. The house has a hot tub, at least not in the conventional way, because the singer didn’t think it was aesthetically beautiful, in the proposed architecture. “I wanted to have a hot tub, and all over the world, continued to push forward to put it to the side [da piscina], and it bothered him a lot”recalled to the founder of the SKIMS.

In addition to this, the children have always preferred to be in the jacuzzi than a swimming pool. How do they resolve? “So, ” he said, ‘No, the swimming pool is a hot tub’. We only guarantee that it is hot all the time”he said. Even though Kim didn’t put their feet in the pool, she makes sure that all of your family, especially your nieces and nephews, and benefit from the project. In addition to having an impressive staircase, a swimming pool, it has a height that is suitable for your child.

Even though the property may be too weird for mere mortals, the family seems to be 100% satisfied with it. “The kids ride their scooter down the aisles and jump on to the top of the low tables in the [arquiteto belga] He is using it as a kind of stage. This home can be either a single-case study, but our vision has been built around our”family”defined Said.