Millie Bobby Brown wants to start a career in the music Today


Millie Bobby Brown is well-known due to the good performance of the art of acting, but the star of the ‘Stranger Things’ do you have any other dreams as well. Reportedly, the young man wants a career in music after completion of 16 years of age.

“Millie is a very talented. She has millions of fans, ‘Stranger Things’, but also has a passion for music,” said a source to The Sun.

“She has to have at least seven songs that you love, but don’t plan on releasing anything before 16 years of age, in the Februarywell , in part because of his hectic schedule,” he said.

The same source has told that the young man is determined to jump-start a career, and that it is in talks with 3 Beat Records, the label which has artists such as Cole, and Pixie Lott.

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