That is the scare! Britney Spears shows such as the academy of the home went up in flames: “it Was an accident; get the details!


Britney, baby girl, it is far away from the fire. This Wednesday (the 29th), with their social networks, Britney Spears shared a story of a quite unexpected! According to her, she accidentally burned it to the gym in the house a few months ago.

A video of the exercise, and she started telling what had happened: “I’ve been here in, like, six months ago, because I burned it in my gym, unfortunately. I’ve had two of the old [acesas]one thing led to another, and I burned it in the living room”.

In the legend, and she repeated the story and gave it more detail. “It was an accident… but yes, I burned it. I went through the door to the gym and burned. BOOM!!! By the grace of God, and the alarm went off and after that the academy, no one was hurt. Unfortunately, right now I have only two pieces of equipment, hanging, laughter, and a view of the wall! But it could be so much worse, so I am grateful. I like to exercise in the open air in any way they can!”he wrote. Check them out below:

An hour before, in another video, Britney spears has made the most of a revelation, she’s lost weight during the quarantine of the such life of her boyfriend, Sam, Asghari! “I’ve been in quarantine since we got back from Texas a few weeks ago… so, basically, I haven’t seen my boyfriend in what seems like a lifetime! I have, in fact, I’ve lost weight, so much to miss… none of my pants or shorts will serve! I think that’s what missing someone can do it… who else is going through this?” he said this to the fans.

The singer showed that he took a lot of pictures with the same lookinho, and also posted another gallery of images, and to thank you for being able to stay at home for quarantine, and then sending his followers to be wary of: “I’m not really sure how to put into words how happy I am to find solitude in my beautiful home all day!!! It’s like a dream come true… I hope that you are safe and doing their part… God bless us, everyone!”.

Princess of pop, engajadaney in the social network makes it so, baby!!! It splits up the s perrengues! Lol