The boy taken away! Youngest child of Kourtney Kardashian steals the show, and he polemicizes to show the middle finger to the paparazzi! Watch the video and check out the reactions of the


Kourtney Kardashian will not be at peace, in the creation of their own children. A few weeks ago, it generated a huge controversy, to reveal to you that the nanny of his children had been dismissed, after receiving a scratch on the face of his daughter. Now, another one of his herdeirinhos has caused a lot on a trip to Iraq, making an indecent gesture to a photographer.

At this time, the ousadinho that was It, you ready to head to the mother. As the family left an appointment at a restaurant, and a little boy of four years, he stole the scene, so be prepared. In a video released by a fan on the social networks, it has been found to be in the arms of someone who would be a member of their team. So, the caçulinha of Kourt turns to the back, is full of your smile taken away, and vrá, show the middle finger to the paparazzi! Lol

As the building was surrounded by the fans, of course, is the attitude of would not strike! This week, Kim and Kourtney traveled to the country for a series of to-do items. It is worth remembering that Armenia is the home of the family of Images by the hand of his father, Robert. Because of all this, there are the two stars of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” along with all seven of his children, seeking alternative ways to get the story out of the land.

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It didn’t take anything until the moment viralizasse of social networking, winning up but hilarious! Back at it on @cutiekardashians:

That guy, our nephew! Lol the video from menace, the internet went crazy, and reinforcing as much as that of the one represented very well. Even it would be the child of the couple. There was also the one who told you that all of this just confirms that there is no question, he is actually the son of Scott Disick”. Lol, Check out the most hilarious reactions:

“It’s the best of ‘O’”

“ No:
– According To Disick [bem amado, já estabelecido financeiramente pra sempre, 4 anos de idade]”

“According to Disick I’m on my way, baby.”

“It really is the son of Scott

Even so, some did not like it, nothing, nothing in the attitude of a little brother for Penelope and Mason Disick. As has been the case recently, Kourtney has feedback on the creation of their own eyes.” There have been many who have suggested that it should be done to deal with it is encouraging that she has such a spanking as a discipline. Take a look at it:

“To be the son of Kourtney, It was pointing at his middle finger to the people. She needs to beat the ass of their children

“According to Disick, the 4-year coincidence and showing the middle finger to the paparazzi…. just… wow!”

“Kourtney you need to discipline your child, they are not in the Los Angeles area”

“Kourtney you need to figure out how to discipline your children, because that’s a little bit embarrassing. It continues to make a scene in public, and that’s not good”

Review the list

On “KUWTK,” the dispute became so excited when Kim and Kourtney have commented that their children had already been discounted by the stress of their caregivers. Especially after the revelation that Penelope had broken her baby sister! It was then that Corey Gamble company (the boyfriend of Kris Jenner) swelled, that, if such an attack were to be with him, he would have shot back that, and “definitely it would give some substance to it”.

The momager tried to ease the situation for her boy, insisting that the two get into a fight I didn’t mean that in a literal way. She made it a point to make it clear that it is not machucaria Alone. But it didn’t help… “It’s never going to leave her alone with my child, and if he does that in front of any of us, we’ll have a discussion on, s***it!”shot Kourt. Check it out:

The owner of the Poosh ended up agreeing that they would never enter into an agreement on the issue. Kourtney has also declared that it would be hard to go back to his mother’s house, after all, she was “uncomfortable”. In the end, she, too, brushed off the criticism from his followers, and argues that “assault is never OK”. I have a real blog! What is the situation of…