The guy that cleans up, Jennifer Lopez gets emotional with the Golden Globe nominations – 09/12/2019


Jennifer Lopez has used her profile on Instagram today to thank you for the nomination it received for Best Supporting Actress for the Golden Globe award for the film The con artists which she also produced.

On the social networking site, the singer and actress who appeared on the clean face, and touched by the recognition of his work in the series.

“I couldn’t be more proud to be recognized for it. Ramona was a character that was complicated, and it has been an honor and a challenge to give life to it. The Coup has been a labor of love, kindness, and perseverance, written, directed, produced, edited and starring only women. I am proud and honored to represent this film,” he wrote.

The scam artists went on display on the evening of the 5th of December. The story revolves around an ex-stripper Destiny, played by Constance Wu, who tells a journalist about the context in which he worked alongside Them, played by JLo. Together with other women, and they are going back to the men in the restaurants, after dopá them to earn on top of your credit cards.