Camila Cabello confesses to you that she felt something for Shawn Mendes from 2015


Well, everyone is reminded of the speculation of a romance between Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello lááá ago, at the time of the “I Know What You Did Last Summer“this, right? So… the rumors were not true, such a ~the spark that we saw between the two of you was true. The one who made the revelation, it was the singer herself, who took what was beginning to feel a little something for a “friend” over that time period.

Now, that assumed the voice of “Easy”, they felt comfortable to talk about what I was thinking at the time. “While I Know What You Did Last Summer’, and I really connected with him in a way beyond friendship. I think he felt it too. But the two of us, we were very young, and he was experiencing the pressures of a career of it. I think that many people don’t know what to do with the feelings of our hearts. It was such a strange thing, we love one another, but we were not together,” he says of the muse to the Rolling Stone magazine.

The singer also talks about how it all arose, into the relationship: “it Was very bizarre. There was an energy there from the very beginning, but after that song, we didn’t spend a lot of time with each other. Our paths are just not crossing the romanticism, until we started to go out again and write a song together. For me, it was you that brought it (the feeling) back,” she said. AAAAA they Are really cute!!!

Shawn confesses to feeling in the past

And She wasn’t the first one to talk to about it. We, Therefore, in a conversation with his fans, he also said that it was beginning to feel a connection with a loved one, but it took a long time to win her over. “If I were to tell you the story of a Wife, it would take a really long time. I’m going to tell you that you have to fight for someone you truly love. And if you love that person truly, then you will be able to. It just takes time,” he said. In a fairy tale, as well the level of Disney, you know? <3