Check out all the movies that you should watch out in may in a Sign the Newspaper in the Morning


01/05/2020 – 00:00:00 am.

At the time of a pandemic, despite the fact that some places have been adopting a more flexible operation of the various facilities, and the tip is still to go out into the street, only for a reason actually can be justified. The tip is still in the prevention is to stay indoors, and what better way to help you pass the time and relax to a good movie.

In the month of may is full of attractions, with the classics of the seventh art, so stay tuned, and check this out:


Island of Fear With Leonardo DiCaprio, and Mark ruffalo’s hairstyles, one of the characters is going to investigate the disappearance of a patient at a psychiatric hospital for criminals, and it is taken over by a strange vision.

Days on end – Sentenced to life in prison, a young woman reflects back on the people, the environment and the system, which led him to the path of crime.

The Seller of Dreams The film is based on the book by Augusto Cury,and follows the friendship between a psychologist to a depressed and homeless, who have come together to make things right.

Holiday Deal Of Frustration. Family of Griswold goes on a road trip out to new mothers. Christina Applegate and Ed Helms.

You have no idea. She was hired by the athletic Paul with a mission to help you win over a girl. But She learns to feel attracted to the same girl. And is “ae”?

Batman Begins. After the murder of their parents, Bruce Wayne is trained by a secret organization and the return to Gotham city to fight crime as man-bat.

Batman vs Superman: The Source of Justice. More and more powerful, and the Superman goes on a collision course with the Batman. Whoever wins this is Lex Luthor.

Batman The Dark Knight will come back to life. New enemies, such as catwoman and Bane, threatening Gotham city, and Bruce Wayne has to be back up and running in the shoes of his alter-ego, the Batman.

The Night That Never Ends. One of a series of a retired will need to return to the action after a falling-out between the boss (and best friend) and her young son. With Liam Neeson, Ed Harris and Joel Kinnaman.

Supernatural: The Origin Of It. The psychic Elise Rainier tries to help a young person to get in touch with the spirit of her mother, but she ended up releasing the demon that will haunt the girl.


The desire to Kill. Once you have a wife and daughter brutally attacked by a criminal, the surgeon, by Paul Kersey decides to take the law into their own hands. With Bruce Willis.


Missy Was Wrong. Tim, do you think they invited you to the girl of your dreams for a stint on the big island of Hawaii. The problem with this is that, by mistake, called the the girl is in the wrong.


A farewell in Style. After he lost his retirement at a stroke, the three friends and resolves to rob a bank. The problem is going to be to escape from the FBI. With Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin.


“The Hulk”. With the expertise of dr. Bruce Banner it did not work. Now, every time he loses control, he transforms into a green monster overcome by rage.

It a Crime for Two. On the verge of separation, the couple is suspected of the murder. It’s better for them to go on to find the real culprit and the case of the prosecution.

Ted. Later in life, the teddy bear foul-mouthed, and baladeiro will do anything to keep his owner to marry his girlfriend. Starring Mark Wahlberg, which debuted in march, the Series, the movie will Change into a Double.

Due to. After stealing a lot of money, and run away in search of a new life for themselves, a member of the real estate agents end up taking refuge in a sinister Hotel Bars, in this classic from the early 1960’s.

Annabelle. He has found the perfect gift for a woman, a doll, beautiful and rare. But their joy is short-lived.


Obsessive Crush On. Taken by jealousy, is a mother, has a dangerous plan to ruin the new relationship of an ex-husband. With Katherine Heigl.

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