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The Logo for the Marvel Studios, which is responsible for, among other productions, the story of Doctor Strange in the trailer for the movie in 2016 (Movie/YouTube BRAMarvel)

Still, the uproar over the statement by the director Martin Scorsese on the film of the Marvel Comics. After you have the principal say in the magazine, the Empire that long to the company, which owns Marvel Studios, “these are not movies,” and now, the actress is Karen Gillan he decided to disagree with the director.

Famous for his role in the saga of the latest Jumanji, back to the movie theatres later this year, the actress, who most recently played for the Nebula award at the Upcoming Deadline (2019), and goes on with his character in ‘ Guardians of the Galaxy, the (director James Gunn), he explained to his or her opinion.

In an interview with the website of entertainment news, The Hollywood Reporter, she said: “I would say that, to be sure, the Marvel movies are in the movies”. And he added:


“The film tells the story with visuals. There’s a lot of heart and soul into these movies, and for the souls of James [James Gunn, diretor] it is to them. It is putting too much of your own personality and sense of humor [em Guardiões da Galáxia, produção dirigida por Gunn, na qual Gillan atua]It is a representation of a very big of who he is, and, therefore, there is a lot in the cinema. He’s an artist”.

After the declarations, from Martin Scorsese, the director, James Gunn, one of the names behind the productions, Marvel comics, has used his official account on the social network Twitter to say that he was “stay” with all the claims. It’s worth noting that Karen Gillan is to return, with her character Nebula, in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3.

Still no release date for the sequel, the franchise has had its first two parts are released respectively in the years 2014 and 2017. The movies are available in the rental and purchase on YouTube and Google Play Movies & tv. In addition to this, the volume 1 is also available on the streaming service Netflix.