The children of Angelina Jolie had an amazing transformation – you are going to be shocked


When the beloved couple, “Brangelina” came to an end in 2016, with the lives of his children, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, has been changed forever.

At the time, the rumors – are reported by the newspaper, The Cut, claiming that it is the end of the wedding of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt came to an end because of a fight between Pitt and his son Maddox, who was on a private jet for the family. According to sources of the newspaper, the fight was interrupted by Angelina Jolie.

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In spite of the so-called feud is not the generation of consequences from law enforcement to Brad Pitt, is the fact that their relationship with their children has been complicated since the end of 2016. With the divorce, the child of Angelina Jolie underwent a significant change.

The Louise Swift-talked-about change in the lives of his children, Angelina Jolie.

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Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 18-years-of-age, is the eldest son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The Natural of the Year, he is joined in this year at the University of Yonsei in South Korea, where he is studying biochemistry.

When asked by a paparazzi about her relationship with Brad Pitt, Maddox Jolie said, “Well… what is to be will be”.

The sources of the newspaper, and Us Weekly say that Pitt gave up in repairing his relationship with Maddox, especially after a legal battle he began against Angelina Jolie for the care and custody of the children.

Maddox is not the only one who Brad Pitt has a fear of missing out. According to court documents obtained by Us Weekly, Pax Jolie-Pitt, at age 16, he was a child “unwanted” by Brad Pitt.

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According to the official, Angelina Jolie is said to the boy, who was born in Vietnam, and that his father never wanted to pursue it, and that Brad Pitt was “annoyed” when she decided to adopt him, even against his or her will.

Brad Pitt, denies these allegations, but according to Us Weekly, it has had some problems with the adoption of the People, and at the time she was 3 years old, and I didn’t speak any English.

Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s 15-year-old appears to have pulled the best of the collection for their mother. According to In Touch Weekly, Angelina Jolie serves as an inspiration and consultant to the fashion to her daughter.

In spite of the good working relationship between them, there is a problem in the life of Zahara. Adopted from an orphanage in Ethiopia with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the girl has awakened a lot of nostalgia in her biological mother, Mentewab Dawit Lebiso, who said in the Daily Mail by 2017, that “I don’t think it all the time, and I want to hear your voice and see your face.”

But it is the relationship with Brad Pitt? According to Hollywood Life, Zahara’s is not invited to his father for his 14th birthday in January of this year, precisely on account of the disturbed relationship that he has with Angelina Jolie. In spite of this, the girl went on to be the Christmas of the year 2018 at the side of the father, Maddox and Pax, were not present.

Shiloh, my daughter’s biological older than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, apparently, the behavior is a little different from the rest of the children in the street.

The 13-year-old Shiloh, who has always been a highlight will be identical to that of the father, according to his own of Angelina Jolie, she is upset because of the constant changes that are generated by the motherboard. The sources of the magazine, the Star claim that Shiloh is tired of “moving from city to city, which makes it difficult to see his father very often.

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, the 11-year-old is the daughter that looks more like Angelina Jolie. In 2014, the little girl, who is the twin sister of Knox Jolie-Pitt, she played a younger Aurora in Maleficent, working for the first time, on the side of the mother.

In addition, according to Angelina Jolie, daughter Vivienne likes to practice martial arts. In a photo released by the Hollywood Life, in January of 2019 at the latest, the emphasis was on account of the resemblance between the two of them.

Knox Jolie-Pitt, as well as her twin sister, also has a vested interest in the business. In 2016, he did the voice over for the character of Ku-band Ku-Kung-Fu-Panda 3.

As well as Vivienne, Knox, is often seen by the side of her mother, Angelina Jolie. The three spend a lot of time with each other.

In December, in the year 2018, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, have entered into an agreement for the care and custody of the children, and in spite of the dislike of Angelina Jolie – who, according to the Hollywood Life, I would hope that the ex-husband and I had been able to less time in the custody of the children, it would seem that their relationship is getting better.

According to Hollywood Life, back in January of 2019 at the latest, Angelina Jolie has stated that all of the children of the clan Jolie-Pitt, and began to show traits similar to the father,” that was just to please the actress, given that these qualities would be the ones that “made it apaixonasse by the Bell,” according to the newspaper.

That is, at the end of the day, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt seem to be moving forward in a direction more friendly to the extent that their children grow up. We’ll see how it works with the dynamics of this controversy – and the strange family from now on.