Vixe! Kanye West is harshly criticized by netizens after being announced as the attraction of the event with the shepherds, I repeat: “just As toxic”


Vixe, he gave the poor… yet again! The name of Kanye West, has fallen into the eye of the storm’ this Thursday (the 16th), and then it came to the attention of the public at large, that it will be on display at the event, with the participation of the pastors in the often.

The husband of Kim Kardashian has been confirmed on the lineup for the “Awaken to 2020”, which takes place on Saturday (18) in the state of Arizona, along with the music project Sunday Service. So far so good… The main problem is that the New York Daily News, and the group, the LGBTQ Nation, did a survey of all the pastors who will be participating in the event and to the gospel, and have found that they are liable for hate speech against a community of LGBTQ+ at various points in time (and it should be repeated in a conclusion at the end of the week.

Among the keynote speakers are Cindy Jacobs, who has encouraged christians to ‘stand up’ to prevent the adoption of the Law on gender Equality, which has been under discussion in the country, with the aim of reducing the instances of homophobia, particularly within the work environment. The “Awaken to 2020 will also be attended by the co-founder of the seat of the prayer – “The Call” with Lou Engle, who has been an advocate of a draft law on the Anti-Homosexuality bill in Uganda, for example, in the year 2011. He has also compared the U.S. to a modern Germany to the nazi era, thanks to the support of the country, and the rights of the LGBTQ.

On the internet, and, of course, the people were extremely disappointed, and escaped from the shadow orphanage, with the position of the West on display at the event. “It must be SO tiring to be a fan of Kanye West, and stay on a weekly basis in the manpower-heavy to try and prove that he is not a fool when it is clear that he isshot of a young man. “This is not the first-of-Kanye-West-not the last one as well. The guy is so toxic that it’s impossible to understand.”spoke to another young man.

Also, there were those who went out in defense of the singer. “I will save you, the Kanye West was the first rapper on the scene to really open up the debate about homophobia in the industry, just as homophobia in the rap. Unfortunately, being a christian has led you to such environments, but it’s NEVER been prejudiced,”reviewed a fan. Even the name of Kim Kardashian has walked out on the wheel. “Don’t mention her name when talking about Kanye West and her current religion. Your own, you already said you disagree with the current thoughts of him.”said third profile in a social network.

When asked by The Western Journal regarding the participation of the rapper at the event, Lou Engle has said that the “we believe that He is a sign to this nation, that, at a time when, thousands and thousands and thousands will be swept into the kingdom when it [Deus] translate to important people, and their voice shall be as thunder,”.

The project, Sunday Service, and the West, joins a choir to sing the music, with compositions inspired by the Gospel, and doing it with a mix of hip-hop and other rhythms, with the sounds of traditional music, religious. In the past year, he has released two full-length albums, “Jesus is King” and “Jesus is Born”, the latter released on the eve of Christmas.