A photo of a body with ‘real’ Scarlett Johansson-generates a discussion on the internet


The American actress Scarlett Johansson, the 34-year-old has been a target of criticism this week in social media networks on behalf of your “real body”. The images of the actress on a beach, shown in a slight turn in his stomach and the natural marks of cellulite in the thigh and in the buttocks.

In the debate on Twitter, started following a user named AlphaMale (the Alpha Male, in a critique of the “beer belly” from the show.

Scarlett Johansson was good, and now has a beer belly, you can see how feminism is destroying”.

The criticisms were not forgiven by the other users who came to the defense of the actress. One of them was a journalist from Marie Declercq, Vice Brazil, who wrote, “Scarlett Johansson in the TT for the sake of a blog post, visibly clickbait from a page called the ALPHA MALE. honestly, isn’t a person”.

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What are the claims?

Cellulite is nothing but an accumulation of excess fat that is present in the form of dimples in the skin. Hereditary predisposition, circulatory problems, hormonal changes, poor diet and lack of physical activity are among the causes of the origin of the problem. In some cases, the level of inflammation in the cell is so large that it reaches the pain site. In spite of this, this is not a serious medical condition. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the treatment of cellulite.

How to respect your body in this difficult time

With so much pressure to have the legs that are defined, stomach flat, silky hair, strong arms, and a smile is super white, it’s easy to believe that there is no standard to be followed. We forget that, in fact, is the beauty of it is the same as the difference between the bodies, all of which they carry on their ways, is unique.

These temptations are the entry points for each question, and reflect on the relationship you maintain with your own body, and who knows, make for a much more compassionate towards yourself based on self-respect, appreciation, care and compassion. Try at all costs to get in the way of pre-defined, it is not sustainable nor is it healthy. Read on to find out