And Alexandra Daddario star in the video of the band White Reaper

The new video from American band the White Edit brings out the actress Alexandra Daddario (“Baywatch”) is a guitar in his hand and in the pose of a rock singer, like the singer Tony Up in front of a microphone, adorned by an American flag.

Although the sound of the guitars and more Van Halen in the 1980s, the song is power pop, and the lyrics can be summarized in describing the passion for a girl in the torn jeans, the “Mama Italian” in the title, the name of which is never mentioned in the song.

The music is a part of the band’s second album, “The World’s Best American Band.” And it is this information that justifies the action of the microphone.

The direction of the video is by Brandon Dermer, who has recorded clips of Panic! At The Disco, Major Lazer, and Wavves, and the signs in the direction of an episode of the new series of the comedy, “What Would you Diplo Do?” James Van Der Beek plays a version of crazy for the DJ and producer, Diplo (Major Lazer).