Gal Gadot is going to produce a movie based on a book banned in schools by the government


The actress is Gal Gadot and her husband, Jason, Varsano, they will produce a film adaptation of a novel, banned in the lists of the readings in the schools by the government of Israel, due to the depiction of a romance between a jewish woman and a palestinian. This is an “All-the-Rivers”, by Dorit Rabinyan won the highly acclaimed prize for literature He is in the year 2015. The narrative tells the story of a Liat, a tradura israel, Tel Aviv, and the artist is palestinian, Hilmi, who was born in Ramallah, in the west bank, if they know of any in New York city and fall in love with.

Together, they explore the city, sharing in the laughter, the costumes, and the pain of longing. But that’s the joy of unconstrained living in each other can not get over the guilt that Liat seems to hide it from his family in Israel and friends of jews in the United States of america. To the extent that his or her date of departure gets closer and your love for Hilmi gets deeper, he must decide if he is willing to take the risk and present it to your relatives, and your community.

The book has caused controversy in Israel by the ministry of Education of Naphtali Bennett, forbade him to be on the list of reading required for school in 2015 to foster relationships interracial”. At that time, the newspaper, Haaretz, quoted a letter from Dalia Fenig, a representative of the governing body, in which it stated that the posting was inappropriate for students in middle and high school. “Young people tend to romanticize, and they have not, in many cases, the point-of-view of a systematic that includes considerations for the preservation of the identity of the nation, and the meaning of assimilation,” he wrote.

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Already, the minister of Education, told the tv station Channel 2 parters in the text to portray the soldiers as “the sadist”, and set out the details of an affair between a palestinian arrested for security reasons, and an israeli woman. “I have to force the children of israeli to refer to this? Is this a priority?”, it was questioned. “The authorities have been discussing the issue of including the book in curriculum. After a serious look at all of the considerations and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages, we decided not to include it,” he said.

The writers and politicians of the opposition, the government of Benjamin Netanyahu has criticized the measure. The author Dorit Rabinyan, told Channel 2 that the rejection was ironic because of the novel comes precisely from the fear of israel from assimilating in the middle of the Arabic in which it exists”. “It seems that someone from the Ministry of Education further believes in the power of literature to effect change in our hearts malleable for young people, for some reason, this seems optimistic to me,” he countered. Even so, she said in an interview on Channel 2 that: “When we first started the banning of books?”.

But, the ban has had the opposite effect. “All the Rivers” was featured that year as one of the most sold list in the newspaper “The Guardian”. “In the book, Rabinyan is a sort of Romeo and Juliet, a forbidden love affair between a girl, a jewish woman from Tel Aviv, and a palestinian boy from Hebron’s… A beautiful book’, he wrote to the journal in its review.

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An adaptation of the film

The star of “Wonder Woman” and her husband will coproduzir of the film, with the Keshet Studios, by the Pilot Wave, a company that the couple founded. Israel’s Gal is currently visiting his home country for the holidays from the end of the year, the film is a new adaptation of “Death on the Nile”, by Agatha Christie, featuring Kenneth Branagh, and the ‘Red Notice’ with Dwayne Johnson. The Keshet did not reveal the actress have a starring role in an adaptation of “All the Rivers”, by simply saying that the more of the cast would be made later on.