Katy Perry says that her daughter showed the middle finger in the ultrasonic cleaner

The us singer Katy Perry (PHOTO: Playback)

Katy Perry said she recently went for an ultrasound and during the procedure, and saw to her daughter to show you the middle finger. The artist, of 35 years, told in an interview through a video call-in program Live-With-Kelly-and-Ryan’.

“I can’t make it in
a visit to the doctor, did an ultrasound and she was moving,” said Perry
about the baby that she and actor Orlando Bloom are waiting in the wings. “I’ve been in a video
it showing up the middle finger, and I said at the time: ‘that’s my girl,’”,
he stated with a smile.

Recently, I found that he decided to baptize his daughter, Ann, Pearl, the same name of his grandmother, who has passed away. As a singer, to be a mommy, the baby is the second child of Orlando Bloom, the father of a little boy of 9 years of his marriage to model Miranda Kerr.

The marriage of
She and Perry would come to pass in the first half of the 2020s, but that was canceled out by the start of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. They also did not disclose the
new date for the ceremony.

The following is the involvement of Katy Perry at the ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’: