Kristen Bell says that the therapy is the key to the wedding to Dax Shepard – the one Who

Kristen Bell and her husband (Picture: Getty Images)

Kristen Bell and Data Analysis Expressions (Dax Shepard. they are well known for being a couple is great fun, but when the going gets tough, they turn to the therapy in order to help with the wedding.

The PEOPLEthe actress and the 36-year-old said the treatment is the key to keeping a relationship for 3 and a half years ago. “We have a wedding in a very healthy, and we got up there and doing therapy when we needed it,” he said. “The two of us to take responsibility when you’re wrong, and I think that it is easy to work with, it’s because I was married to him, I love spending time with them and I trust him,” she said. Dax Shepard is 42 years old.

The actress has also reminded us of the first of the two double beds, while a trip across the United States on a bike in the first year of the relationship. “It was a struggle for power. We fight for the sake of the playlist, and I was so angry that for a time I refused to hold on to it. So, I was holding on to the bike, because I didn’t want to pull over on the Nasdaq,” he said.

They are the parents of two children: Lincoln 3 years ago, and Delta from 2 years of age.

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