The line of sneakers puts on Kanye West, among the billionaires on the Forbes


Forbes magazine went on to consider, Kanye West is officially a billionaire, with an estimated net worth of US$ 1.3 billion. According to the publication, the artist’s own assets, the ultra-wealthy, but this is a line of shoes Yeez, that takes you to the home of the 10 digits in length. The wealth has been calculated in accordance with the documents presented by the staff of the West magazine, but it does guarantee that there will be more, and got annoyed with it.

Come along with me to understand that way!

In an article published in the Forbes magazine states that He had complained on a couple of occasions, for it does not appear in the list of billionaires, the magazine for failing to submit sufficient documentation. “I’m not a man of numbers,” he said, as he appeared on the cover of the the month of August, 2019 at the latest. On that issue, he was not called to capture him.

At the beginning of this month, the magazine released the annual list, with the name He again failed to appear. By the looks of it that’s made you change your mind about your “issues.” After the team presentation of the required documentation, the publication began to look upon it’s face, and stating the amount of US$ 1.3 billion.

He owns 100% of the brand Yeezy, which produces, markets and distributes the pieces through the Adidas. By 2019, according to the data presented in the Forbes magazine, he earned around 11% in the royalty on the prescription of running shoes Yeezy. At the end of the year, the total amount that would have been worth more than US$ 140 million.

To get to$ 1.3 billion, the magazine increased to US$ 140 million by 10, and subtract 10%. The result was a$ 1.26 bi. The rule of thumb is the same one that was used to calculate the net worth of Donald Trump, the current president of the United States of america. However, He was not happy.

The the song it claims to have over$ 3 billion, since it takes into account the total value of the company; it’s something that the magazine does not take into account. “Turn away from Yeezy in the Adidas it seems almost prohibitively complicated, if not contractually impossible,” says the article.

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Kanye West
Kanye West has finally realized the desire to be regarded as a billionaire by Forbes magazine, a reference in business and economics. In the meantime, you are not satisfied with the value you assigned to it

Running Shoes Yeezy
According to the magazine, the line of sneakers Yeezy does it Kanye west is a billionaire. By 2019, it would have raised about$ 140 million in the royalty. Taking this value as a reference to Forbes magazine estimates his fortune at$ 1.3 billion

Kanye West
The us did not was not at all satisfied. According to it, its assets exceed US$ 3 billion a year. In this photo, He posed next to the the lead designer the Yeezy, Steven Smith

The Presentation of the Yeezy
The label, known for its running shoes, it is produced, distributed, and sold by Adidas, but it belongs 100% to the West

But it is the fortune is made while the artist of the music? According to the study, the documentation provided for the team, He will also list the amount of cash, securities, buildings, land, vehicles, concerts, and the copyright on the song.

Taking into account a division is hypothetical and the 50% of the property along with his wife, Kim Kardashian, and he would have been about$ 125 billion in assets under management. This is in addition to the debt of the artist, who, according to the publication, which is approaching$ 100 million.

In the meantime, the international monetary fund said that the balance shown by the counter staff the song it is estimated a net worth of$ 3,15 billion, and an additional$ 200 million in assets.

Kanye West
Forbes estimates the net worth of the assets of Kanye West in A$ 125-million

Running Shoes Yeezy
In the meantime, it appears that the debts of the the song come to close to US$ 100 million

Running Shoes Yeezy
The international monetary fund has access to, a balance sheet is presented at its own counter, the staff, artist’s, which is estimated to a net worth of$ 3,15 billion, and an additional$ 200 million of other assets –

Titled “Kanye West is now officially a billionaire – and he wants the world to know about it, the article is from Forbes, which was signed by the editor, Zack O’malley Greenburg. According to him, the challenge of the West in order to appear in the list, it was not low. “You’re messing with me, and I’m not happy, and I can’t take any more, and in the name of Jesus, I would have said it.

“At one point, he sent a text message to Forbes, he was part of a group of media that tried to suppress this part of his narrative is created by the question of race,” writes the author.

After the announcement, Greenburg said that he was complaining about it. “There is a 1 in a billion. It’s a$ 3.3 billion per year, given that no one in the Industry, it seems to know how to count” is said to have told the the song in a message sent to the magazine.

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“Welcome to the club of the ten digits, Said. You may not like the number, but he joined the company in this regard”, concludes the text. Right now, He’s the second artist hip-hop to become a billionaire, the conquest is already done by Jay-Z.

Kanye West
“You’re messing with me, and I’m not happy, and I can’t take any more, and in the name of Jesus, I would have claimed it is Said that, when it did not appear on the annual list of billionaires released in early April

Running Shoes Yeezy
“Welcome to the club-the ten-digit number, Said that,” said the magazine

Running Shoes Yeezy
Yeezy is a nickname of Kanye west, as well as Y

Before entering into partnership with Adidas in 2015 the song 42-year-old has worked with Nike until 2013, when it broke ties with the label sport. Currently, the sneakers the Yeezy’s are being sold for more than$ 200 each. The brand also includes a line of clothes, in spite of the focus on the shoes. The name is a reference to her own nickname of Kanye west, who also refers to himself as a Yeti.

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