Lady Gaga has had a “terrible experience” when he lost his virginity to


Fans have a variety of fun facts about your favorite artists. Many of them also want you to know everything about the sexual life of the celebrity.

As quoted by the Film, Lady-Gaga-has already led to amazing testimonials about that side of her life. The singer even addressed publicly for the first time for her.

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In an interview, Lady Gaga revealed that she lost her virginity at 17. However, it was reported that he had a “terrible experience”.

“I didn’t lose my virginity until the age of 17. But, I have to say I wasn’t prepared for it, and it was a terrible experience. It was not very good,” said the singer.

Another statement of the singer is that it is always a rule of their relationship with their partner.

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“I have always had safe sex, I always ask the guy to be tested and to use protection, that’s my rule. If you don’t, you’re playing Russian roulette,” said Lady Gaga.

In addition to this, in an interview with the magazine Grazia, the Lady Gaga has stated that it did not enjoy the sex at the age of 22.

“It was a relationship that I felt free to trust and love,” she told the star.

In the same conversation, very eye-opening, and Lady Gaga also commented on how she feels about sex with you. For her, it is about love.

“Sex is the ultimate expression of vulnerability and for me it’s important to be in a relationship to be appropriate. So, sex is a source of love and nothing more,” concluded the singer.

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In movie theaters, Lady Gaga might come back as a killer, in the follow-up work. The singer is the most prestigious to star in the film, such as Gucci.

The film tells the story of the murder of Maurizio Gucci, one of the inheritors of the popular brand name. Lady Gaga should be, Patrizia Reggiani, ex-wife of the grandson of the founder of Gucci, and has been convicted of planning the death of the husband.

The singer also did not confirm that it will be Gucci.

For the time being, the film of Ridley Scott and is scheduled to premiere in November of 2021.