Ryan Reynolds is going to pay for the pizza to students in his old high school


Ryan Reynolds is an actor, known for multiple roles in the cinema, in films such as Deadpool and the Life, ” to name just two of his works. Canada’s 43-year-old has surprised everyone by giving the students and teachers at his old high school in Vancouver, Canada, at 385, pizza, and information disseminated through the website, ET Online.

The delivery will take place in the neighbourhood of Kitsilano, and each and every one of them to be able to pull off a large pizza on the Nat”s Pizza, the place that the artist visited with his friends in their teenage years.

Ryan Reynolds has published on its YouTube channel, a video, by speaking to students at his old high school, on Friday night (1).

“Have you ever heard the expression divide and conquer? You can see it in all the right places. And to divide the people, it’s just a way to distract them, to disarm them. It’s getting really annoying. It is over-exaggerated, and I think that you want to be fashionable and ahead of the curve. And I believe that your generation will be like. So, maybe you do not, you practice the ability to empathize. Some of you may consider me a success. I don’t know if any of you saw ‘the Green Lantern’, but I’m going to tell him, even drove me that much further. It has helped me to recognize the mistakes you made and learn from them. Most of all, it makes me happy,” he said.

The rivalry

With a good dose of humour, Hugh Jackman, and Ryan Reynolds is starring one of the most famous role in Hollywood, well known by the constant banter and jokes between them, whether in interviews, gatherings, or social networks.

In an interview with the guardian, The Daily Beast, the everlasting marvel comics told the story of how this plot to fake the two began.

“How did it start? It was a long time ago. This is a sign that even though he was too far away,” he said. “Do I know you [no filme] X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), and I was very close to Scarlett’s [Johansson]and they had just gotten married, and then when he got on set, I kind of said, ‘Hey, it’s better for you if you hold on here, buddy, because I’m looking at’ and it started to irritate in this way,” said Jackman.

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Reynolds has been married to the author of the Black Widow in the period between 2008 and 2011. But since 2012, he is married to actress Blake Lively a, with whom he has three children.

The lady’s man, he said that this had quickly increased. “All grown up, with something from Asgard, and he’s pressing my buttons and trying to manipulate you through social media, to do what he wanted,” he said, referring to the anti-hero, played by Ryan in the film world of Marvel.