Sony sets the name of the universe to be shared by the film


Contrary to what fans believe, the universe is the shared of the film, as Spider-Man is not called a “Spiderverse” or “Aranhaverso” (in Portuguese). Sony, the studio responsible for the long runs, making all of the products that are related to the six million dollar man-they are called ‘the, Sony Pictures, the Universe of the Marvel comic Characters” the Universe Sony Pictures the Characters in the Marvel universe.

In this universe together, from the first versions of the “Spider-Man”, starlit by Tobey Maguire, to the lengthy feature by Andrew Garfield, and, more recently, by Tom Holland, which is in partnership with Marvel Studios.

According to the portal of the north-american-IGN, Sony said that the movie villains, Venom and Morbius are also part of this universe. In the film “Morbius” is, for example, is scheduled for release on the 19th of march 2021, and will have Jared Leto in the role of a Vampire to Live in.

The sequel to “Venom,” also has a debut scheduled for June 2021, with Tom Hardy once again in the shoes of Eddie Brock, braving the opponent’s Side, played by Woody Harrelson.

The Spider-Man you also can get a film made in partnership with Marvel Studios, but the film has had its release delayed because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus and it should only come to the theaters in November of 2021.