The last day of Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, is revealed in the video, on the set of “Avengers: Ultimatum”

“Iron man” was the beginning of the Universe and the Cinematic of the Marvel universe. In the course of 11 years, Robert Downey, Jr. he was in the 10th film of Marvel’s playing Tony Stark, the character that left the fans in “Ii: Ultimatum”.

In the final stages of the Downey, Jr. as the “Iron Man” wasn’t on the footage early in the film, but it was only included in the refilmagens at the last minute. The scene is the moment in the life of Tony Stark, and that by using the Gems of the Infinite, he says: “I am Iron Man”, this is one of the scenes most remembered from the film.

A new, video-behind-the-scenes shows on the last day of the Downey, Jr. singing with “Iron Man”, then save the scene. At the clip of about 10 seconds is shown, with the actor being cheered on by the entire team of the film, as he brings in the team, as shown below:

“The last day in Downey on the set after filming the “I am Iron Man”. One definition of a legend. We are the owners of this man, 3000,” they wrote on Twitter exactly a year after the release of “Ii: Ultimatum”.

For those who are not familiar with the “Upcoming Deadline”, the scene is the climax of the film, and it shows in His trying to destroy the population of the universe, using the Handle of the Infinite, while ready to snap with the fingers, he says: “I am inevitable!”. But the Handle on the Infinite, he was Tony Stark, he said, “The truth is… I am Iron Man”, by a snap of his fingers, and eventually with the plans of His.

Most recently, the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo also revealed a look at the final day of the Chris Evans as Captain America, and the first day of Brie Larson in the role of Captain Marvel.

Posted by 2019, “Ii: Ultimatum” raked in$ 2.8 billion, and it is a team of superheroes facing “the devastating consequences of these acts of His, which had decimated half of all creatures in the universe and destroy the Avengers, taking on the heroes of the remnant to take an attitude of the end’, promises the blurb.

The film is currently available on the book’s Amazon Prime Video.