Travis Scott releases single, ‘The Scott’ in the event of a special in-game ‘Fortnite’ – Diário do Grande ABC


Luis Felipe Soares

02/05/2020 | 23:54

The rapper’s Travis Scott took to the quarantine, the basis for combating the proliferation of Covid-19 in order to prepare his latest work. This is the song of The Scott’s, a collaboration with the rapper Kid Cudi.

He has carried out the launch during a special show was held during the game, Fortnite. According to a survey by the software developer, Epic Games, the servers of the battle royale there were 27.7 million unique players during the performance of a virtual one, with a peak of 12 million concurrent users.

The Scott’s are now available on the streaming service, and has a clip on the official website of the rapper on YouTube

Or, to access all of the content on an unlimited basis:

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