Video: James Franco has Amber Heard on the day following the alleged altercation with his Wife, ” says the web site


By this, no-one expected it to be! The actors are Johnny Depp and Amber Heard starring in a long running feud with the judicial, with the right of a number of allegations of physical and sexual assaults, is not a novelty, But on Tuesday (2), the short story that the ex-couple, which included the name of James-Franco-and most likely all over the world. The star had a close encounter with the star in “Aquaman”, precisely at a crucial moment in the story, and you will have to give explanations in court.

The site of The Blast today released a video of the inside track of the security of the building in which Depp and Amber lived in the era in which they were married to each other. In the recording, it is possible to see a James Franco dating, Heard just the day next following the date on which she blames her ex-husband to have her physically.

The legal team is responsible for the lawsuit filed by his Wife against She Heard called on the authorities to intimassem to James Franco for him to explain his visit to the apartment. The idea of the law, which, he reports that the actor has seen the so-called marks left by the assault on the interpreter, the pirate Jack Sparrow, as the meeting took place on the day following the day of the alleged fight in the couple, in the month of may to the end of 2016.

James Franco may have an essential role in the process, his Wife, against Amber Heard. Photo: Getty Images).

We are interested in-James-Franco-as-witness, because we have the evidence of what he saw on the cover of, Amber, Heard, in the days and the nights in between when she had claimed that Mr Depp for the part of them in the face, on the 21st of may, and when she went to court with his face painted with the ‘injuries’ to get a temporary restraining order on the 27th of maythen, “ said the lawyer of the actor, Adam Waldman, to The Level.

In the video posted, it is difficult to tell the two artists. The following shows the actress walking down to get the friend area for the visitors, and then the two returned to the elevator. However, the addition of James to be wearing a baseball cap, and She played with the hair at the front of the face, and the two of you remain with your back to the camera during the entire trip. Check out the video!

After going through a divorce is chaotic and full of controversy, Johnny Depp has decided to come up with a case against Amber Heard’s accusing you of defamation, and claiming to have been assaulted by it on a number of occasions. The interpretation of Grindewald in the feature film “Animals are Amazing” and asks for a withdrawal in the amount in excess of$ 1 billion.

I will deny it vehemently all the allegations in the Sra. Heard from her that she did, in may 2016, when he got on the court for a temporary restraining order, with bruises painted all witnesses and footage from surveillance show that she did not have all of the days of the week. I’m going to continue to deny them for the rest of my life” he says to Johnny in the official documents.