Angelina Jolie’s ‘paradise’ goes to the hospital once you get a Covid-19, in jail

The famous influencer Sahar Tabarknown all over the world, such as the version of ‘zombie’ by Angelina Diamond was the infected the CovidDown 19 in the Iranian prison where he had been, proved to the organization for the defense of human rights, the Center for Human Rights in Iran, in a statement to the international press.

The 22-year-old is now in the hospital, and is connected to a blower, said the New York Love it.

The cause of the revolt of the lawyers for the star and the Instagram and human rights organizations is the fact that the advocates of the legal have requested that you be released owing to the pandemic the new one coronaviruses the application has been refused.

It will be recalled that Sahar Tabar you are in prison, on charges of profanity, incitement to violence, an affront to the ‘dress code’ islâproject, and encouragement to corruption.