Exitoína · Kristen Bell and Jennifer Lopez will take part in the reality show, which will donate the money to the common people


The actress Kristen Bell and Jennifer Lopez have been confirmed in a new reality tv series on the streaming service from Quibi. According to the logic, Thanks a Million will donate$ 1 million to to to people.

The production will bring together people in the public are willing to donate$ 100 thousand to anyone who has had an impact in a positive way in your life. “The individual will have to pay back the lawsuit by donating half of the money to someone else who did the same, continuing the chain,” says the blurb.

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They are acknowledged as a result of the actress, Tracy Morgan, top model Karlie Kloss and the players, Aaron Rodgers, and Alex Rodriguez.

Quibi is a platform for content only to the mobile phone, which will be released in April 2020. The goal is to have all of the products have the episodes in between 7 and 10 minutes in length.

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