Simone’s talks about the love of travel, and it’s not real … “My life on the plot”


Simone’s talks about the love of travel, and it’s not real … “My life on the plot”

PHOTO: Reproduction/Instagram

Simone spoke about his travels with his fs on his YouTube channel on the evening of that Sunday, and (3). The singer, who married businessman Kang Diniz, with whom he has Henry, for five years, and had a lot of fun for the internet users with a way engraado. “I like to travel, but at the same time, there are some things that I’m going to share it with the voc that is in the taste. For example: my husband and I have decided that we are going to Paris, france. He arrives in Paris and is approximately to take a couple of pictures: one, two, three, four… on the fifth gave him. For th? I’m pacincia for the photo. For me, three photos of est, is that good. In the I have a pacincia, no… the Kak is o… because he wants to get to the top, to the bottom of it (laughter). I was in the stand! Three photos, to me, est, will!”, he said, laughing.

Then, the mri I talked about a trip he made to Las Vegas, nevada, in the United States. “We have decided to go for a honeymoon to Las Vegas. All the beautiful, wonderful… I Found it amazing because on was this business of a shot. I wanted to see the show. I went to the concert of Mariah Carey and some other things. On the way back to l and we decided to go to Curaao (in the Caribbean). I l l, we’ll rent a car. The woman says: ‘there is no map’. And as the question of speaking in another language, if I speak evil in france? After a couple of hours to find this hotel. I j, he was mad with hunger. We were able to get the key to the room, but it was far from upset at the misria. When it comes to taking a bath, Kak wants that photo! And I said, ‘Kak, do the following: I’ll stay here even for a minute. J has given you!”‘ In short, in less than 24 hours in the city. I arrived at the Fortress, a happy life,” he recalled.

After that, she told him about her trip to Tulum, in Mexico, before the quarantine can be reviewed. “We have been to Tulum. I went to the family and allowed the child. We have come because it to pay for the things that are really good. My life is ok. I mean, if I was to die today, my family, est, f… A hotel in the us to choose what we want in the cardpio. It makes a ball, plays it on the pipe and wait about 20 minutes for the food to come back. The energy in the room don’t have. We get the fsforo, which is squishy, there is no out of it. I’m going to show you how to take a bath: turn on the hot or the cold weather here and the water’s very cold, it seems that you are inside of an ice bucket, picks up the bowl, and soak the seat. Power to pack up? In!”, he said, laughing.

“The moon of honey? There is no curtain. Let Me know if I have the conditions to be naked, working the cattle, a date without a curtain? On the d it for me! The only place that gives you to do something without the fear of this cagador. Cagador for those who do not know where it is in the pot sanitrio, where we do all our own needs. And there’s another way as well. In the evening, we used to delete all of the candles, and, in anything, not even a toothpick, if you want to in the dark, unable to see anything, and s playing the s experience. So that’s going to spend seven days in I s tr because I think j has given to them. I’m going to pick up my bags and good-bye! Thank you so much!”, finished, the ago.

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