Cobie Smulders relive Robin Sparkles singing “Let’s Go To The Mall”


Without a doubt many of us remember to How I Met Your Mother as one of the series of comedy most important of the last yearswhich , thanks to its story and characters managed to earn a lot of fans all over the world. Many were the moments that happened throughout the nine seasons that became iconic, but a musical level the vast majority will remember the facet as a pop-star Robin Scherbatsky –played by Cobie Smulders–.

In the chapter ” Slap Bet, we met Robin Sparkles, the alter ego of the character, Smulders was a true celebrity in his native Canada, thanks to rolas sticky that made reference to the pop culture of the 80s. Although throughout the series we knew that we had several hitazos, the song that catapulted him to fame was “Let’s Go To The Mall” –which basically talks about going to a mall to hangear, does not have as much science. For years many fans were asking to hear again this song, and they finally met.

It turns out that Vulture met Cobie Smoulders with Jake Johnson –who we remember for appearing on New Girl– as they both star in the series Stumptown. Through a talk by Instagram Live, the actors began to meet among themselves, but suddenly the dynamic changed when Johnson started to ask you about your participation in How I Met Your Mother and how much he had influenced in his career playing Robin Scherbatsky for so many years.

Taking advantage of the topic was on the table, los fans who were following the conversation began to ask the dear Cobie sing the song of Robin Sparkles and Johnson supported. Of course, the actress refused to remember it –especially because he gave bear to remember that time and only remembered the beginning of the rola–, but in the end he ended up succumbing to the public that he was insisting to revive his character for a few seconds.


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After telling them to Jake Johnson that he hated him for forcing her to do so, Cobie sang a wee bit of “Let’s Go To The Mall” so that all were happy. Can many to remember for appearing in the Marvel movies, but Smulders marked a whole generation with Robin Scherbatsky and this rolón that makes us good at any time.

But better not tell them anything more, échense then the talk of Cobie Smulders with Jake Johnson –or adelántenle to-the-minute 9 to hear the actress singing in the new the hitazo of Robin Sparkles–: