Die rolls two walkers venezuelans, and there are six injured in Lima


The morning of Friday, may 1, a group of eight walkers venezuelans, he was about to return to their country from Peru was hit in the province of Barranca, in Lima.

According to witnesses to the event, the fact that it happened at approximately 4:00 in the morning when the walkers venezuelans were lying the end of a road and passed a truck.

Two people died and six others are injured. One of the walkers is torn between life and death. According to the people who lent them a helping hand, most of the affected people have lesions on the feet and are being treated in the Hospital of Gully.

In that group are men and women. This is Jose Gregorio Qyuaro Ramos (28), Yoivi Adriana Carrasquel (35), Alberto Door Market (44), Jose Elvis Garcia Gil (29), Nelson Suárez Martínez (38), Emiliano Vasallana Perez (23), and Grank Martinez Cleavage (42).

A representative of the embassy appointed by the National Assembly is located in the place.

Information in development…