Evaluna and Camilo sing with Sam Smith, Niall Horan and Sabrina Carpenter!


The couple of Evaluna Montaner and Camilo every time he’s on more sides, and now it appears board singing with Niall Horan, Sabrina Carpenter and Noah Cyrusfor a good cause.

I Síii! The Latin couple’s most popular time was invited to participate in a song to help combat the coronavirus. It is “If the world was ending”, composed and sung by Julia Michaels (the super friend of Selena Gomez, who is also a singer-songwriter) and her boyfriend JP Saxe in 2019, and that now return as it is ideal for these times.

“We ask some of our friends to sing this song with us to help benefit an organization close to our hearts, Doctors Without Borders, and all the earnings received by the record label and artists of this video will be donated. In a time in which we can sometimes feel that ‘the world is running out’, we thank all the health workers, the immediate, and essential workers who are helping so many people in need. Please stay home, stay safe,” said the pair in a press release.

Who is involved? The cast is pretty cool, and includes singers as famous as Niall Horan and Sam Smith, beautiful voices like that of Alessia Facethe super star Sabrina Carpenterin addition Noah Cyrus, Zara Larsson and Finneas (who also produced the original version)… and when we were checking the complete list of singers, that we caught up with Latin names! Evaluna Montaner and Camiloand Mau and Ricky, and the four sing their parts in Spanish! Each artist recorded their segment in his home, with his cell phone.

By the way, JP Saxe also repeated on his channel this song but as a duet spanglish with Evaluna– and it’s super cute! If you haven’t seen it, click here… 😉

Without a doubt, the couple Echeverry Montaner is conquering more and more spaces with their talent and charm. What did you think of the song with the participation of Evaluna and Camilo?