Gisele Bundchen nomina Kim Kardashian is up to the challenge for charity


Kim Kardashian joined us in the challenge of the All-in Challenge, which several of the famous are flocking to it, and is giving one fan the chance to have lunch with her and her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian.

The initiative is filled with stars aims to raise US$ 100 million (Us$ 550 million) to non-profit organizations that support vulnerable communities in the midst of a pandemic of a coronavirus.

The manager of the 39-year-old has been nominated for the challenge by his girlfriend Gisele Bundchen in order to support the donation to Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, World Central Kitchen and The Kid’s Hungry.

Kim said in a video on Twitter that: “The money raised here will help to feed people in times of crisis. We’re all in this together. Thanks to @meredith, I’m going to join the #AllinChallenge to help you keep your people fed and healthy during this period of time. Come join me and my sisters out to lunch while you take in the new season of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’ Go to to give you as much as possible. Many of the top stars are taking part in the All-In Challenge and deliver a unique experience to help raise funds for the relief of the COVID-19″.

In addition, the winner will be flown to Los Angeles to stay, paid for the lunch to be filmed for the show and the family. All that is needed to participate is to make a donation to the campaign.


Apparently, Kim Kardashian has tried to extract something good from the quarantine due to a pandemic of a new coronavirus, but some of his followers sympathized with the recent release of the advantage.

Kim has done with the insulation on the side of the family, and the current picture is shared showing the eldest daughter, North, six-year-old, with his face close to the business, which posed pouting. In the caption, she wrote, “What is your favorite thing from the quarantine? Mine is to be with my children 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

In the space for comments, exceptions have been made for the visitors, who came to call her insensitive during a sensitive time in the world.

“You don’t have any fun in quarantine,” complained one woman. “Are you serious? ‘Favorite thing in the quarantined’? We are living in a tragedy,” said another. “oh, that’s right, you should be much as being rich, and staying at home with their kids,” joked one.