New clues about the hacker Smackdown


Come to light new messages and the location from which the hacker SmackDown sent the videos mysterious. The coordinates indicating the Performance Center.

In the last few weeks on SmackDown, the individual is enigmatic, whose identity is unknown has been sending out videos mysterious. He himself revealed the plot between Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler to zoom out to Otis Mandy Rose. That revelation led to the rupture of ‘Fire & Desire’.

On this occasion, in the beginning of the message was the phrase “the truth will be heard”. After that, the hacker SmackDown access to a phone account and get some coordinates of a location. This was the exact point: “28.5623 ° N, 81.2907 ° W”. These coordinates coincided with the location of the Performance Center located in Florida, Orlando.

The video concluded with the hacker saying the following: “the games begin”. This gives to understand that it is a final notice and that likely to occur things.

It is rumored that the hacker SmackDown to appear on the next episode of SmackDown or Sunday at Money in The Bank. In either of those two shows, it will reveal more messages.

During these weeks in the programs of the blue brand, has speculated on the identity of the hacker. It is said that can be Mustafa Ali, Shorty G, or even the injured Xavier Woods.

In the next few shows, it is very likely that disclosing more information by the hacker.

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