Adriana Lima: The model with tracksuit bottoms and high heels, ‘arreglá’ but informal


Sang Martyrdom in their time “With my tracksuit bottoms and my high heels, ‘arreglá’ but informal”, and for a moment it was one of the fashions that she wore with tronío the great Rocío Jurado and that, fortunately, never more have returned to take up now. The trend sporty has come to stay after that sneakers will be the ideal footwear for putting on the touch chic our look working and even for wearing with a skirt midi, t-shirt and blazer. The streestyle two seasons ago has filled our closet and slippers morning joggers now go a step further. The heels are back to being the allies of the sweatpants which happens to be a garment exclusive to the gym, to be a basic in our day-to-day, with which he is bound to succeed or patinaremos, depending on add-ons. The best thing for these occasions is inspired by the celebsand the last that has been pointed to this fashion has been the top brazilian Adriana Lima, who after a night ‘movie’ as invited to the party of Vanity Fair subsequent to the delivery of the Oscars, wore the look of the moment in the Los Angeles airport.

Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima, the latest to join the fashion sporty chic

The model carioca opted for the colour palette of the time, the perfect mix black and white with the that came to the terminal minutes before a flight. Adriana chose the white dress with morning joggers and t-shirt with swan-neckchoosing the black for add-ons. Military boots platform high-heeled square, coat-of-cut men’s, sunglasses and of course your shopping bag. The top has given a twist to the tracksuit, the attire preferred by the celebs for air travel, although Lima prefer to give it the touch fashion climb to the heels. As a professional in the fashion industry, the former angel of Victoria’s Secret is aware of the trends, and now, thanks to this new proposal, your happiness has been full as it can travel long hours inside a plane with the comfort of your look sporty.

Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima with tracksuit bottoms and heels, the look is ideal for travel

Precisely have been one of the models of the lingerie brand is a plus in terms of knowing how to wear like nobody’s around morning joggers. A day of intense exercise to show off your body on the catwalk brought her to become, in the past month of June, in the ambassador of a new line of sneakers from the signature PUMA.

And while Adriana has been the last to join this fashion of tracksuit bottoms and high heels, other already wore this trend that is slowly taking place in the closets of half the world. Hailey BaldwinRihanna , Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and her sister Kim Kardashianand until the very Rosalia have footwear stilletos with your tracksuit, defending this trend impossible…until recently.