Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael announce that they will be parents days after their break up and reconciliation

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael you are in luck. The exestrella Disney, known for numerous films youth and romantic of the early 2000s as She is the boy or A dream for herand the tattoo artist, which committed itself makes scant days, are expecting their first child together.

This Tuesday, Michael he shared a screenshot on your profile Instagram where they saw an ultrasound with the name of Bynes, next to which he wrote the words “Baby on the way”, something that the actress, 33 years old, still has not ruled.

This is good news for the couple comes just days after both the actress as his promise to make public the request to hand, which occurred just then being broken up for only a day to the bewilderment of his fans.

After the interpreter remove all photos of her and her boyfriend in their social networks, and the future father of her baby confirmed the separation to a u.s. magazine, Bynes denied I have deleted the posts out of spite and stating that he had suffered the hacking of a hacker.

Amanda Bynes during his arrest in 2013

Amanda Bynes during his arrest in 2013
(Tyrone/ / GTRES)

Amandathat would be a few weeks only, has resumed his day-to-day after undergoing a program to treat his alcoholism and problems with drugs. In addition, the interpreter continues by going regularly to a mental health facility for his psychological problems.

In 2013, the actress had to be stopped and detained while attempting to burn down the home of an elderly neighbour of their parents. During this scandalous admission she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolarity, after he posted on Twitter: “A microchip in the brain makes me say things.”